Pears releasing soon for iPhone and iPad

6926Pears has been approved by Apple and I’ll be releasing it next week once GDC 2015 is over. It will cost £1.49 / $1.99 with NO adverts and NO in-app purchases.


Pears is a simple game of matching coloured tiles to build higher scores.

Match two whites to make a red. Two reds make a green, and so on. But as the numbers stack up, lower numbers nearby get knocked out. And that’s where the strategy starts…

It’s easy to play. It’s fast, fun, and satisfying.

It’s new and it’s really good. It’s Pears 🙂

* Simple one-finger gameplay
* Elegant and minimalist presentation
* Social network support: Game Center, Facebook and Twitter
* A bit like a match 3 game, but you match 2, so it’s faster
* Sarcastic name to mock people who can’t spell “pairs”


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